Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bored, again!

Apparently there ARE other people too, who like me(or is it 'I', damn the GMAT for screwing up my already useless 'English'), enjoy suffering.

I have never really figured out why; I like being sad and melancholic, because I have had a normal childhood, and my family life has been nothing but ideal, but for some reason I get really bored when things are going in my favor, it is like I have nothing to do.

For example:

When I was working for that demon company as a software programmer, and had nothing to do except collect my paycheck because I refused to do any work, and my superiors were too busy flirting with my women colleagues or pilfering money from the clients, to tell me to do my job, I decided to do something worthwhile, something that would help me in the real world, I decided to learn Latin aka a DEAD language. A pastime that I pursued until I quit, after which I left the 'hobby' because once again; I felt too bored, and suddenly realized that I didn't give a rat's ass whether I learn or not.

So yay! for sadness and suffering and boredom, and a big Pfffffftttttt to their opposites.

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