Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Are you an Atheist ?

Then wear your heart proudly on your sleeve!

Show your disdain for those intellectually stunted people who force you to believe in their god.

You are a human being, and you have every right to disbelieve in whatever the fuck you want to disbelieve in.

Who are these priests, godmen, politicians to tell you otherwise ? with their fake gods and false doctrines, and their conjured up fears ?

Marvel at their stupidity, and their mistaken belief that they can proselytize you, a rational being, into believing in a god, one that clearly shows no signs of existence.

Do you believe in dragons ?

Do you believe in UFOs ?

Do you believe in Ghosts ?

Do you believe in a 'free lunch' ?

No, because there are no such things, then pray tell me, why would you want to believe in a invisible being in the sky with no work other than to look at your actions and judge you, and punish you ? Are you so special ? We are all but 'dust in the wind'. an inconsequential blip on an inconsequential planet in an inconsequential galaxy in an inconsequential part of the universe.

Surely the 'creator' has better things to do.

See the destruction religion leaves in its wake, is that what you want ?

Is that what 'god' would want, if he were to actually exist ?

Do the right thing!

Make your convictions be known.

There isn't a need for 'god' anymore.

We all drown together, don't let them push you down just because they can.


Anonymous said...

thoughtful :-

Divya said...

no need for religion, no need for politics, no need for boundaries. just live i say!
no wars, no hatred. sounds a bit like Equilibrium :D

JerryKantrell said...

@anon, thank you.

@Divya Yeah, if only we could put it into real use, human nature is fickle and this sort of thing is difficult.