Sunday, May 25, 2008

On the effect of Single-Hood on your blogginess

So I have a new theory.

Only people who are single actually have any time or feel the need to write a blog.

So the next time you see a blogger talk about his\her girlfriend\boyfriend, you know they are making these things up.

My awesome girlfriend, who is a lingerie model by day and fights crime at night in a patent leather skirt, agrees.

Now, I, being careless, take about 5 minutes to write a post, out of which 4 minutes are spent in actually typing out the crap with my two index fingers. Other 'normal' people I would expect, need about an hour to come up with things that are worth writing about, organizing the stuff, and typing out the post, now if you had access to something more fun than writing stuff on the net, would you sit around and waste your life talking to strangers on the net ?

I would think not.


Divya said...

haha quite true quite true! i'm proof!

Divya said...

and that's a lot of blogs up about your singleness! we have to fix it! :P

JerryKantrell said...

yeah, I am planning on renaming the blog : "How to stay painfully single for the rest of your life" wherein I advise potential readers to follow my exact actions to get rid of the scourge they call 'relationship' once and for all. And sadly I am not joking :D

Gutterflower said...

True single people blog a lot. And single people have more fun. And blogging is totally way more productive than sucking face with some person. You're definitely better off, relationships are overrated. Enjoy =)

JerryKantrell said...

hmmmm, maybe you are right.
Have you been on a vacation or something ? it has been a long time hasn't it ?