Monday, May 26, 2008


So I am currently reevaluating my life, to find out how I went from being a funny, happily single person to the painfully single, with the charm of a 16 year old girl with PMS, person that I am today.

As a reader noted, there has been a surge of 'Oh God! I am single, boohoo!' articles on my blog, a fact that would not have gone down too well with the older version of this writer who would most definitely have punched the present me in the stomach while calling his future self a 'Fag' and\or a 'pussy'

Maybe I should go fight a bear, to reverse the emasculating effect that time seems to have had on me.

Here is my plan

1) Fight a bear.
2) ???
3) Get back nerdiness.

So no more 'I need my mommy because I am single ' articles from now on.

I shall be back in probably a week or so.

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