Tuesday, March 11, 2008

HRH hahah

Got to this site from an issue of 'The Economist'

'HRH Crown Prince Moulay Rachid continuously supports and encourages women to excel in all fields' runs one heading, another goes 'HRH Crown Prince Moulay Rachid’s long-standing efforts to ensure a place for cultural diversity in the frame of globalization'

They sound like spoofs, but are in fact real headlines from this website(aptly named 'kingofhearts') dedicated to the glorification of Moulay Rachid, the brother of the current king of morocco.

It is a must read, the comments are hilarious too.
with one going : 'moulay rachid is the most handsome man in the world'

and here is another :

'Each one is free to feel what his heart tells him to feel. We are each created differently.
What seems right to me is more:
Beleif in His Royal Highness's purpose.
All the best!'

Check it out.


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