Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CD anyone ?

Here is one of my favourite songs by Claude Debussy.
It's called 'La Fille aux cheveux de lin' or 'The girl with the flaxen hair'
It starts off slow, gradually picking up a bit(very little) of tempo, however the highlight of the song is a twenty second interval between 1:20 and 1:40 in the given file. it begins as though it were the culmination of that supposed increase in tempo, and ends in a crescendo of sorts. It is not a real crescendo, but the sheer paucity of notes used to convey the emotion that those few notes do get across is just un-describable in language, hence it is a crescendo albeit an unconventional one.
Check it out.

Listening to 'Reverie' - Claude Debussy

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