Saturday, February 23, 2008

Peepee's confession

Hi, my name is Peepee.

I know that that it is not a great name, but I am a monkey. and I belong to the dreaded IIM demographic i.e Indian IT Monkey. I am aware of the fact that normally the M is for 'male' but you know... male, moron, monkey, it is all the same. You don't believe me ?
Consider this, a dialog I had with a senior colleague at work:

He: Phew, it is hot here during the summer

Me: Yeah, You can say that again. (trying to suppress my wonder at how this man could ever have been hired)

He: Why ?

Me: Umm... because the earth acts as a sort of Heat sink trapping the sun's radiation giving rise to...

He: No, I know that.

Me: (in my head: Oh, really ?)

He: Why did you ask me to say that again ?

Me: Oh, you see, it is a rhetorical devi... forget it man, I am sorry, my bad.

So you see.

I actually wanted to be named Bartholomew K.Kierkegaard III, after my dad, but they said that I was a monkey and that it would be difficult for humans to remember my name, anyway, that is a thing of the past.

So, after 2 years of mindless 'donkey's work' in the famed Indian IT industry, I decided that it was high time I got out. So I wrote the mother of all exams, the CAT, I was under the impression that being a monkey, even a 97.67 % would be enough to grant me an admission into an IIM especially since I had not prepared for a single day and marked my answers using a pen(I didn't know that you have to use a pencil). It turns out that the guys there are Detail Nazis, and that the deficit of 1.23 percentile points means I was not fit to join their 'prestigious' institute.
Excuse me while I deftly maneuver myself out of this little tangent and get back to the main point.

So, I have now decided to apply to American B-Schools. Maybe, they would appreciate the diversity I would introduce into their class.

If you would have read this, you would probably wonder why I am still here in India.

It so happened that, the management thought that I wasn't fit enough to be deputed "onsite" (the client's side, abroad), when I reminded them that I was the only one who could get that work done, they said that there was nothing so great about what I did and that even a monkey could do it.

I give up.


Listening to 'No Excuses' - AiC


Hashish said...

Brilliant one .!!! Hilarious...!!

JerryKantrell said...

thanks man
how are things at your end ?

Hashish said...

Life's Cool...Waiting for admits/rejects for my apps. Inci's this weekend. U still in TCS-Hyderabad ?

JerryKantrell said...

I left TCS Bangalore a long long time ago. I hated their philosophy.
What have you apped for ?