Monday, February 11, 2008

Cliche your cliches

Random schmuck: Hey Victorus, is this you're beer ?

Victorus: well, two things come to mind. First, yes that is mine, And second, but more importantly it is not 'you're', it is 'your'.

Pluvius: Hey stop it man, don't be so mean, I think pointing out language errors is a cliche man, everyone does it nowadays.

Caeruleus: Haha, it is funny because pointing out cliches is becoming a cliche these days.

Victorus: Actually, this whole 'let us look at things from a meta-perspective...' thing that we do, to feel smarter than the others... well THAT is getting cliched.

Pluvius: I think that decontructing every thing we think of is becoming cliched

Caeruleus: I guess we could go on forever like this...

Victorus: Oh, dear another cliche methinks.

And so... our 3 friends carried on 'discussing' instead of 'living' their lives.


Listening to 'It's been a while' - Staind

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