Sunday, February 10, 2008


'Blogging is a lonely world' - don't remember where I read this.
Sometimes the most apt sayings are the most simple ones, ones which do NOT have many layers, like something that a smart man would be proud of.

I know that a LOT of my articles are quite pathetically written. I set myself a target of say 1-2 articles a day, and when there isn't enough inspiration for something good, I have to post some stupid crap. Now, you might find that this is detrimental to the 'happiness' of a blogger who blogs for the sake of his audience, but I am a fickle man with a fickle mind.

So this is my apology to all who are offended by the lack of quality in my posts. If however, you are offended by the content, I shall feel very happy, like as though I have done my job. In either case leave me a comment to voice your displeasure.

Thanks ;)


Watching 'Into the Wild' the movie.


Anonymous said...

so blogging rolls ..u can't monkey business discussion needs Mahajan too ; ) may be at Copper Chimney again...ravi

Gutterflower said...
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JerryKantrell said...

yeah remember that chicks reaction when I said that I wouldn't mind sitting at home while my 'wife' goes to work ?