Thursday, January 10, 2008

Send me pictures.

Here is something I had written a long time back. It is a poem, I remembered it while writing my previous post. Luckily I had stored it on my system. It has similar despair driven lines, I hope it doesn't put you off. Dedicated to the many 2 people who usually take the time to comment. You know who you are.


Even blistering pain feels better than the silence of death.
An unwavering gaze at so insignificant a scene.
He tells a story of lives past and beautiful mystery
And she will leave, as she always does.

He lies awake at night, to try and feel the misery.
There is not a soul he can turn to.
A flurry of notes, pale and tinged with sorrow.
A solitary tear trickles down his cheek and glimmers.

He dreads leaving her, to face the odds alone.
Wishes he could make a fair trade, A fare trade.
Despair, it won't work! A man dances in glee.
So he lies, and tries to buy some time.

The others. They say 'yes', he still has some hope!
'Hope, God, redemption, Happin...wait, it can't be. '
Its too good to be true. Then they laugh, and he rages
They knew all along. They pitied his stupidity.

And lo behold!, She was gone.
And lo behold!, She was gone again.


Listening to Spitleaf - Zero

'I have a magnetic personality, I repel women.' - SiegerKranz Meer


Violet said...

Neeaattttt….good job.
I especially like the second para.

You are a multitalented personality. Poetry, guitar and what else?
I find playing guitar so difficult. Or may be I don’t love it enough to take the pains to practice. Maybe I just like to listen to someone play.
You must create a tune for it…if create is the correct word..

Violet said...

Where is your I am bored post?????

HelterSkelter said...

Thanks for the compliment, it keeps me writing.

I think 'write' would be a more pretentious and hence better sounding verb. 'I shall write thee a Tune, maybe an Etude or maybe a Canon, I do not know.'

Guitaring is a part of my identity now, there have not been many days in the past 7 years when I haven't played the guitar. Its a madness. I guess having insanely big fingers helps.

Another one of my talents which you missed: cursing. How could you? just read my other posts. haha.
just kidding.

And the I am bored post is below this one, I think.