Monday, January 07, 2008


I feel like starting a Vlog. A 'Vlog' ?
Why couldn't they come up with an easier to pronounce name, the transition between V and L is not very smooth. Not that 'blog' is any easier. Anyhoo...

I do, however have a few issues to be sorted out. The problems with starting to 'Vlog' are many fold and are as follows:

1) The Ugliness of this vlogger, preventing meself from showing me face on the vlog

2) The slow speeds that our Indian 'Broadband' service provides us with

3) An indistinct accent rendering this potential vloggers speech indecipherable.

4) Extreme stupidity as a result of chronic naivety which might render this vloggers vlogs meaningless and make them possibly torturous to watch.

5) Lack of any worthwhile subject matter to vlog about

Yet, in the face of all these overwhelming odds, I shall still go ahead and make a vlog, the only question being: When ?


Listening to Grace - Jeff Buckley

'I am so lame! haha' - a stoned SiegerKranz Meer to his friend, a mathematical constant.


Violet said...

Yeah, you are so right about the speed. I might just wait for an hour for your video to buffer and say, ‘Hello how are you?’ Then I’ll lose my patience.
Bad idea…

HelterSkelter said...

you are right :)
Unfortunately :(

I just realized that I used to visit your blog a long while back, when I was working in Bangalore, but it looked different then.

And, also, that was the fastest comment I have ever received, In fact I was still revising it(I don't have a habit of drafting them first, got no patience, so I publish them and revise them afterwards.) when I saw that there was already a comment.

violet said...

I use google reader. So anything you post will appear within minutes.
That way I don’t have to keep on checking for new posts.

So basically even if you post something and then you realize it was a bad idea and delete the same, it will still appear in my google reader :)

HelterSkelter said...

that is scary :@O
Funny, I thought I scared you away.