Thursday, January 03, 2008

Folk Story

So I asked the kids at Vikasini, to tell a story each. I thought it would be a good way to judge their English speaking skills, so anyway this one little girl comes up and tells the following story. It is very creepy I thought and so, here it is:

The Tragedie ov young V.

V was a vindictive man, a small man, always unhappy at everyone else's good fortunes. His wife on the other hand was very beautiful and her nature was quite the opposite. And for his vileness, he was branded 'kir kiri lodapan' which was probably used, to remind him of his nature. They called him that all day, everyone did, including his own wife, his beautiful wife, and he suspected that she had come up with it in the first place. One day she called him by that wretched name one last name, incensed 'I will teach this ungrateful woman' he thought to himself and in a fit of rage he killed her and chopped up her body. He wouldn't cremate her, he wanted her to suffer, he instead buried her near his house. Yet his hatred for his wife had not subsided. He would visit her grave everyday to gloat over the fact that HE had killed her. One day he noticed a plant growing on his wife's grave. He tore it out of the ground and took it home, he hoped to cook it and eat it, a final insult he thought to himself.

While preparing for himself a meal with the plant he found on the grave, he noticed someone calling him by that name again, He did not know who it was, he then saw that it was the bubbles in the stew that he was preparing, which were giving out that sound when they burst. He felt disgusted and threw the stew on to the floor where his pet cow swiftly ate the stew, and in a while instead of its usual 'moo' it started saying 'Kir Kiri lodapan', so V killed the cow and then proceeded to give the cow the same treatment that he had afforded his wife.

The next day his dog found out the place where V had dumped the remains, it dug up the remains and gobbled it up. And as expected instead of barking, the dog started saying that name again. V was puzzled, he felt like he was going mad, but he heard the dog well, and he did with the dog what he did with the others, but this time, he made slippers out of its skin. and when he walked, the slippers started squeaking 'kir kiri lodapan'

While burning his slippers he thought he had finally destroyed the name, and as a means of ensuring no more screw ups, he scattered the ashes into the sea. And what did happen ? well, they say that the waves started whispering that wretched name 'kir kiri lodapan'.
Apparently, this was the last straw and he jumped into the sea in an effort to make it stop. He drowned.


Listening to Lasidan - Ali Farka Toure

'To hell with being PC' - SiegerKranz Meer

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Divya said...

you're not kidding! really? she actually came up with it?