Monday, January 14, 2008

Dark Gloomy Sunshine.

Disclaimer: The following post is quite depressing, please do not read it, if you,like me, get easily depressed\blue\etc... and would not like your 'holiday mood' to be destroyed. Cheers :)


It is Sankranti again. When we were little, this was an intensely happy time. There were no worries that ate into your peace leaving behind gangrenous unhappiness, 'Pay Package' was an innocent verb back then, now it is a freaking noun. A dark sinister noun. Having fun meant forgetting your problems if any, now it means spending money and faking laughter with untrue friends.

On other days, you see poor little boys with their oversize and torn t-shirts and their soiled pants, who have miserable expressions on their faces, you feel pity for them, yet during sankranti, you see the same kids flying kites, happy as anyone can be, happy as anyone ever was, perhaps now, they pity us and our staying at home, and our bland food at expensive new restaurants. Life is not a burden for them it seems. It is not too much trouble buying and flying a kite.

Ask a man who earns a gazillion lakhs per annum on the other hand, in his hot new Mercedes Benz with its Top-Of-The-Line features, talking into his blackberry mobile, 'would you come fly a kite with me ?', and he will say that he is tired, has been flying throughout the week and can't afford to waste valuable sleep time, flying a piece of paper, besides he pays big bucks for his stress reduction program and he can't miss that.

Yes, let us do that. Let us waste our one chance running after pieces of paper, while turning a blind eye to the serenity of our existence, and the value of the time we've been given.

In short, what I want to say is that there was a time when I loved holidays because it was a joyous time, now(Actually, when I was a 'generic software engineer') I love them because it keeps me away from work and gives me time on my own.

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From the sublime to the ridiculous is but a step

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