Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tattooed Traffic anyone ?

So I never really gave any money or bought presents for my younger sis when I was working. But then again I never really considered 'generic Indian programmer' a real job anyway. It was more of a 'going with the flow' thing, like a fad, like getting a tattoo.

"Why you gettin a tattoo ?" "Cause, everyone's doin it!".
"Why you gettin into the programming field ?" "Cause, everyone's doin it!".

At this rate I imagine everyone in India being a computer programmer in a few years time.
So today I took her out to the local KFC for a change as Mom has gone to see supermom (I mean grand mom) in bangalore. This is where the second part of the post comes into play, Traffic!, now the traffic in India is pretty notorious, for proof check out youtube. So invariably while driving around, you tend to get into situations where you are faced with a confrontation, with either an intellectually challenged car driver committing a horrendous and dangerous error or an intellectually challenged pedestrian who mistakes the middle of the road for his living room and walks a leisurely walk.
What do you do ? The best you can hope for is to give a glare, but the moron thus accosted having terrorized the roads with bad driving\civic sense for a while now is wise and stares back as if you were the one at fault, adopting the adage "The best form of defense is offense" as his motto.

Now this happens every day when I am out and especially in Hyderabad with it's laid back style of living making such instances more common. So, I decided to try an alternate approach, I tested it out when I rode with my sister in my car today,
Right?, there is this car on the wrong side of the road, blocking my path at a busy intersection causing a small traffic jam, so I wait until the mess clears and the driver comes in sight, but this time instead of giving a glare I have a wide smile on my face and I stick out my thumb flashing that famous thumbs up symbol, as if to say "Good job Einstein" the look on the driver's face was needless to say Priceless. While my sister is laughing her ass off and I am feeling delighted inside. Hence, I know what I am doing from now on when someone fucks up.

And, the funny part ?: I am not making this shit up. It works, maybe I can start teaching riders how to cope with road rage, now.

I might have come off as being a little too mean to people, back there, I seek to redeem myself (shamelessly) by diverting your attention to Lulu, my pet, who, so cutely, sleeps like a dead weasel.

Here she is: "isn't she cute ?"


Listening to Glasgow Kiss - J. Petrucci

"The thief in a 'reversal' of roles, castigates the policeman instead" - badly translated Hindi saying. - Anon


Pi said...

I'll stamp it :P

Violet said...

Traffic in Pune is the worst. You have to come here to see it for yourself.
I like your idea, I might try that sometime...

Violet said...

Traffic in Pune is the worst. You have to come here to see it for yourself.
I like your idea, I might try that sometime...

HelterSkelter said...

@pi when did you go from being something rational (saturdaynighttakeout) to something irrational(pi) ?

Well I have been to pune, the traffic is quit bad but since its a smaller city, its manageable, but hyderabad ? man, I hate driving here.