Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Looney tunes!

Elkism #5

Bad words are fun and efficient

How can you say such a thing ? you ask ?

Well let us break it down shall we.

Bad words are fun: Now who can argue with a sentence of such beautiful insight into the human mind ? Does it not drag you into experiencing an epiphany, one which you would rather not have had. There is definitely creativity involved in choosing the right expletives, in order to best convey your emotion, an experienced cusser can even make the sentence hilarious, although the one it is intended for might not exactly find it funny, in fact the funnier it is for the others, the more embarrassing it is for the victim.

Bad words are efficient
: Now, why is that the case ? well, it is because bad words generally have a sort of stigma attached to them, they invoke a feeling of displeasure in the person who hears them, this is naturally due to the fact that when people grow up, these words are frowned upon and considered impolite hence 'bad words'. It is quite difficult to describe in words, this feeling, hence we use bad words as short cuts to get the message across. let me demonstrate.

1) Politics and politicians are generally considered by many to be the worst that human society has to offer, throughout recorded history one gets to see a strikingly vast number of examples which reiterate this very fact, countless governments have been known to be despotic blah blah blah...

and now the version with bad words:

2) Politicians are m*****fuckers and politics is a whorehouse.

Succinct eh ? and so much more precise. You see what I mean ?

Now, if you are thinking:
"Big deal everyone knows that, thanks for wasting my time fuckface" then good for you. Thanks for reading my blog. You are 'enlightened'.

But if you are thinking
"Hmm, I never saw it that way before, maybe I should try to look at things from an other angle once in a while" then I must say you are on the right path, the path to 'enlightenment'. Maybe you still have a chance.

But If you are going:
"ooh! what a vile and filthy post, the writer is a devilchild who undoubtedly consorts with Satan and will doom the earth, bring out the stakes, oh god I hope you forgive me for reading this stuff..." then I say that you are doomed my friend, Stop reading my blog and piss off will ya, ya lilly livered pusillanimous pussy!

That's all folks!


Listening to Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

A bad word whispered will echo a hundred miles - Chinese Proverb

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