Friday, November 23, 2007

Warn-(y)er brothers!

I have been following the whole 'p2p vs the mpaa, and other big shot corporates drama' for a while, and I notice they seem to go after the average downloader or torrent indexing sites, while much bigger infringements go unnoticed, I am going to sidestep the whole "the real criminals can wait, we have got to get these illegal downloaders" argument and get to the point.

On TV these days I see a trailer for a "new movie" called 'Halla Bol' which is in hindi. Normally I stay as far away from Hindi movies, as is possible, this one caught my eye (or should I say ear) because they have used Van Halen's "Right Now" as the theme song, and lo behold to top off a complete rip-off, they even have sentences\words flashing across the screen no doubt a dumbed down version of the video for the original. Talk about missing the point, what do I mean ? check it out for yourself!. Also, I don't see any acknowledgments and I am not aware of them having bought the rights. If someone knows better, please do tell, for the time being however I shall treat this as a plagiarism.

Here is a clip on youtube
Warning! If you are reading this blog, I might safely assume that watching this will get you as worked up as I did.

Voila! The bastardized version:

Where are the ambulance chasers when you need 'em ?

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