Monday, November 19, 2007

The CAT and Famke

It has been a long time, yes!
I wrote CAT 2007. A disaster yet again. Someone tell me again, what is it that these people are testing ? I came out of the hall thinking that the paper was easy and I won't be clearing the cut-off in any section due to this perceived easiness of the paper. However the newspapers say a different story, now I feel I attempted too many and should have stuck to the old "quality over quantity" maxim.
Anyhow, to hell with it. It is history.

My new RR3 (Famke) just arrived. Its orgasmic just holding her. I can't believe a non-living thing can be so fucking beautiful. I thought they'd have outlawed such a thing. Anyway here she is, in her humongous hard case.

A long flight from SF to Hyd, and a bumpy ride home, a week of frantic, frenzied playing and the low profile licensed Floyd Rose trem. is still in tune. I love. Yay!
And what can I say about the deep blue ?.
I have to keep telling myself not to hump it. XD


Saturday Night Takeout said...

Neat post processing on the photo. Looks... starlike :)

HelterSkelter said...

thank you, 3.14159265358979323846