Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I Love Photoshop. Why ? This is why:

Plain Dolores:


Grungy Dolores:

An alternative

Comical Dolores:

Or say

Plain Me:


Inky Me:

And To end it all(Or like in schools in India, they say: " and last but not the least", never really understood the reason they say that):

I am proud of the background which I think has a nice texture to it.

Daguerreotypes, they steal the magic in that moment, yes they do, as I read next to a Daguerreotype somewhere, and I'd dare say so at the risk of sounding repetitive. - SiegerKranz Meer

A small little edit:

And with the help of PS CS, we get this, which I call:
Picasso, turning in grave.

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Varun said...

hey, long time, just read through the last 10 posts which i had missed. Seems like you enjoying PS a lot. Nice neighborhood in secunderabad man.

HelterSkelter said...

'tis been really long yeah.
get on gtalk sometime