Friday, August 24, 2007

Fcuk the title. Again!

This is a repost. For a friend, actually 2 friends.
Moo! This is for you.
I removed it because even though whatever written is real and not made up, I had combined more than one individual in the article as a means of savin space.
Now that I have just one more day left at my present pffice, I have added notes where necessary. They are quite self-explanatory.

I work in one of those companies where the real money is when you go onsite. When I say onsite it can either mean Uruguay or Florida.

Anyway I notice that a lot of coworkers are just hell bent on getting 'onsite'. The problem is that most of these are little people with little dreams, and naturally when the time comes for someone to be sent onsite, there begins intense competition, which is expressed more concisely and with a greater punch in Tulu. Tulu is my mother tongue, spoken in mangalore. Anyway the term there is 'edur angadi' which means 'the shop in front [of your shop]'
So they start fighting and bickering, you know... the whole nine yards. trying to belittle the other guy, generally behaving like they are 8 and not 28 or 30 or however old they might be.

So the story I have set out to disperse involves one such coworker of mine, who luckily did not have to face any such issues. She was regarded as being mature, more intelligent than the other people, and technically sound. I happened to know that this was stretching the truth a wee bit. I had attended a months training with her and I knew how sound she really was in technology .[This part being based on J.A. If you know her, you know, or else there never was a need for you to know]The person in question was sent to Uruguay, she comes back and is then swiftly packed off to Florida due to her superior tech. skills[Lots of people who fit this bill].

Back in Uruguay, with a dearth of any real work and no english speaking people, she was rumoured to have done a great job, unfortunately for her they put her into testing. This is when the fireworks began. A month later, my boss is asked by the clients so as to why he chose to send a resource who was so naive in matters pertaining to technology [Everyone knows who these guys are: G.S and R.M]?

Now an illustration of her talent. Before that a little background info:

SIR: generally, a defect raised by a tester, which when raised on someone basically means; " hey you. you call yourself a programmer ? well the code you wrote has a major fcuking flaw in it,and it does'nt work. You should have considered other career options such as farming or cattle rearing."

So there is a high profile project in testing and she raises a SIR, while she was onsite[Based on p@#$%@!, somewhat pretty but definitely 'Daft']. YIKES !
There is a brouhaha, of the sort I've never seen. Mayhem in the office, the lead developers are called and are informed of the SIR. Meetings take place where they plan on calling all the developers involved in the coding of the project and resolving the SIR.The coders are obviously shaken and perplexed. They face the music from the higher management. They then open the SIR database to check it out.

here are para-phrased wordings from the SIR:
While inputing the value into the textbox, I see multiple other values being shown in dropdownbox. This should'nt happen. SEV 1 SIR.(highest severity)
A sigh of relief from the programmers, they have just realized that she has raised a SIR because the Auto-Fill option on IE is on, as a result it shows older inputs in a dropdown.The SIR is obviously rejected. She is chastised, my view of her 'talent' is vindicated. All is well.

God save the Indian software industry.


Varun said...

i'm glad you are getting out of that crap.

sorry for not getting in touch in a long time. i've been too lazy as usual.

HelterSkelter said...

its ok man. That is you, and I like you just the same. :)