Tuesday, July 31, 2007

some are born to... ?

I gather from highly unreliable sources that Sanjay Dutt has been sentenced to 6 years. I must say that I am happy at this verdict. For once, I see that in our country, a rich influential figure has been treated the same way as a commoner would have been treated.

I see that the court has disregarded his flimsy excuses for leniency and not fallen pray to these absurd arguments. So he is a 'bread earner' and has acted in some movie about gandhi and his 'principles', and has a daughter etc... but this is not something unique to him, One would see that a lot of criminals share similar attributes(except for the acted in a movie... part).

He was caught with illegal arms, and must pay the penalty for his mistake, just as anybody else would have to.


Violet said...

Finally !!!
Someone who does share my views.
There are so many of them who think he does not deserve it coz he is a very nice guy.
Hell, how do u know he is a nice guy, just from reading and hearing stuff?

Anyway, 3 cheers for the verdict :)

HelterSkelter said...

'Tis sad the fact that so few a people are brave enough to question the zeitgeist.

" We are led to believe a lie
When we see not through our eye"

William Blake again.