Friday, June 15, 2007

penny wise, pound...

Just look at all this pollution from vehicle exhausts!

look at all the hazardous waste we throw into the world's, water bodies, landfills, etc...

look at all the pollution from the factories that manufacture your modern luxuries.

look at all the garbage we burn in our country

look at all what we have done wrong.

And you think a ban on smoking in public places is going to miraculously make the air safe to breathe again.
Yeah right.
Pick on the poor smoker, who is minding his own business, walking down the road.
Who the heck is stupid enough to believe that second hand smoke is more dangerous than direct smoke.
if that were true, why don't we just pump the exhaust gases from all the above mentioned sources right into our homes and vehicles ? So as to prevent anyone from passively inhaling the smoke which by the way, due to a natural phenomenon known as diffusion, is diluted as compared to when it is first expelled by the source.
Would it not be safer than breathing the "more dangerous than direct smoke"-second hand smoke emitted by vehicles and factories and burning garbage ?

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