Thursday, November 23, 2006

Belled by the CAT

So with the CAT debacle, my IIM dreams went up in smoke.
At my center, the invigilators were IIM students. The female watch in our room dropped the neatly arranged qestion booklets and then gave me the wrong booklet. Apparently the roll no. has to match the Answer sheet and the Question booklet too.
So I had to fill in the answer sheet again after the time had started, seeing this I realized that if these kind of people can get through, then there was no big deal in the IIMs.
Well I guess only XAT or FMS can save me now!


Varun said...

sorry for not calling yet man. i have been very busy, had a conference in San francisco last week, now in back in Dallas, got a presentation for a class t'row, and lot of other small things going on. I will call you in a week's time when the semester is over.

Varun said...

oh yeah, and the CAT, shit man, dumb examiners!