Tuesday, October 24, 2006

GEB go hunting

A few days ago, after I had finished chasing the customary dragon, Godel, Escher and Bach my only three resident brain cells deicided they needed a break. So... off I laboured to the nearest tea shop. A quaint little place oft visited by aimless folk like yours truly who feel a sense of liberation smoking there in the middle of nowhere in a remote corner of bangalore.
The sense of anonimity strengthened by the fact that you hardly know anyone there or anywhere else(at least in my case).
So there I was, on my own, quaffing down piping hot tea and sucking on my new brand; classic ultra milds, when from nowhere appears miss perfect or so she would like you to believe judging from her attitude.
And then it happened oh horror of horrors! some of my second hand passive smoke drifted her way.
she then started a fake cough, at about that time I was engaged in a converation with the shop guy in tulu, yes you find mangaloreans in every nook and corner of the world.
more smoke goes her way and she gets even more agitated probably ruing the fact that all her time spent at the gym was amounting to zilch. oh what will happen to her complexion.
she then starts looking at me( all this while she is standing beside me ) and starts fanning the area around her nose as if that would help.
I lose my mind there, it pisses me off the fact that she thinks I was doing it on purpose. yes paople I like to trouble random women on the road by blowing smoke into their faces. give a man a break.
So I turn to her and nod my head to ask "what ?"
she asks me to step away or stop smoking, in hindi. I am furious.
I tell her I don't understand hindi, and that it was none of her business to ask me to stop. I was a paying customer and I had the permission of the shopkeeper to stand and smoke there. So I asked her to move away and buy her milk or whatever from somewhere else if she were so averse to tobacco smoke.
needless to say she fumed off
I am going to die alone.


Saturday Night Takeout said...

(an oldie but a goodie)
They say second hand smoke is more dangerous than actually smoking.

Good thing we made the right choice :)

Varun said...

hehehe.. man! thats good

Nithin Kitts said...

Hi brother,

Really nice one man... Also, that confrontation with the module leader thing was wonderful..

HelterSkelter said...

thank you people

Sketches said...

Nice entry.
But you know what, i have an aversion to smoking too. And I do not fake it.
I find it very difficult to sit or stand beside a person who smokes.

But that apart, if you really have a problem i guess you should move some where else. No point in asking someone you don't know to stop smoking. I think the girl was showing unnecesary attitude, as you said :)