Saturday, October 09, 2010


I originally wanted to draw a small comic strip, but since I couldn't draw a decent line to save my skin, I decided instead to turn it into a written piece, now bear in mind that I came up with this when I was in NY recently with my Student run equity Fund with whom I am an analyst, so it might not be funny to you because we are in the business of predicting stock movements blah blah blah...

So here goes...


Investment Banking Guy who is full of himself referred to as Prima

Old Gypsy Woman who runs a psychic cart on a NY street referred to as Secunda


Prime: (Walks up to Secunda's cart) I have a question for you, tell me whether I will pay you

Secunda: (Takes out a gun and points it at him) Yes.

Prima: You're good!, here, have my wallet.


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