Thursday, May 13, 2010

ustory # (I really don't remember what number this is)

What's the time? ustory time

If you don't know what a ustory is, it is a super short story that can't be more than a few lines long and one that follows Chuck Palahniuk's guidelines about brevity.

If you haven't read it, he basically says; 'don't assume your readers are stupid,' and reveal things not be 'telling' but by 'showing' or by the act of not 'saying'

Here is one I wrote recently, as usual, it is... well, it is in my usual style ;)


The pretentious and boring neighbor smells something fishy, which is funny because she is a heathen bitch that doesn't know to keep a house.

Her husband hasn't smiled at me in the ten years that we have lived next to each other.

Her kid is an obnoxious brat who jacks off on their terrace to his father's playboys.

He throws a stone at my window, expecting to hear me scream.
No reply.

The bitch asks her lazy, uninformed, and soulless husband about me, says that she hasn't seen 'the psycho loser' in a while and quips that I might be dead.

She decides to come and let me know that I should stop doing whatever I am doing because I am stinking up the place.

Too late lady, I already did.

She rings the bell. She peeps inside.

"Honey call the police" she screams to her husband across the lawn.

As her eyes fall on the ejected shell on my floor.

Too late lady, I already did.

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