Sunday, August 16, 2009

Esque toi avec moi?

This post is dedicated to Ashwinxn who poured a metaphorical bucket of cold water on me.

What I thought I would look like as soon as I got out of the airport.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had absolutely no culture shock when I got here. Absolutely no part of the society here surprises me. In fact the only thing that is strange here is that the sun sets at about 9pm screwing up my internal clock, the sun sets and a few hours later I feel like the day is young and bam! the clock says that the time is 11PM.

what I actually looked like. The change in my complexion, observed here, was due to the searing DC sun.

I am supposed to finish these two online courses that count toward my grades and I am the only guy in the class who hasn't started either of them[Oh wait, apparently a chick from Taiwan has not started either but come on... Taiwan?]. I live in a community filled with Indians, and believe me it is not fun. I find that the they are the least friendly people here. I don't mean to dis Indians but seriously, they have no social presence and hence are quite unpopular. I don't blame the Americans.

I lost my passport, degree scrolls, admit letters, I20 the minute I landed at IAD Dulles. But I got it back the next day. Man, the first day was crazy! running around the airport searching for the documents. The next day I saw MD, VA, DC and PA. Phew, tiring.

You would have noticed that this post is quite plain vanilla in its styling, but this is because I don't really have time to write more interesting stuff. I do promise that I will not entirely stop writing. I might write 1-2 articles per month at the least.

I feel lost without my guitars and plan on buying a cheap acoustic soon. A classmate of mine has an Ovation, and I plan on checking it out soon. And man, there are no single women in the US. The good thing is that I can use pandora here, especially valuable since just flushed itself into a toilet.

Anyway, I shall write a good post as soon as I can.



Ritesh Ranjan said...

dude, send me ur cell number....and yes your observation about Indians here is accurate:)

ashwinxn said...

There's no way you're going to meet cute single women staying in an Indian community.

Oh yeah, pay a visit to your local Guitar Center...

JerryKantrell said...

@Ritesh man, as soon as I get one, I shall send you the number. I am still cellphone-less.

@ashwin I don't hang around the Indians at all. Also, I live in, probably, the only city in the US that does not have a guitar center. I just spend my time browsing guitars online and salivating at the thought of playing 'em :|