Thursday, May 07, 2009

Floatin Pigs

I was pleasantly surprised when the city of Bombay, and no, I refuse to call it by its new name, resisted the efforts by those smarmy celebrities, self-assured news anchors, bored college students, cocks with candles and basically anybody with a fucking mouth to browbeat them into going and voting and choosing one from among the long list of devils available. With a turnout of about 48%, it is heartening to see that about half the population there still knows that the political system in our country is like a bullet through your brain; You cannot fucking fix it.

Broken NOT bent.

Do I vote for the BJP or do I vote for the Congress? Wait a minute what does it matter? they are all just different KINDS of a$$h0!es anyway.

Today, Delhi has gone ahead and done the same, as of now, the turnout is about 38%, wait a minute if I can remember correctly Delhi is the capital of our country or something isn't it? I mean, I know that we can't really be sure of any of this, what with all the fake and or incomplete historical records and our national hobby of exaggerating our 'culture', but if my second standard Geography is correct (or was it history??? or GK) I think it is. So the people who live right under the government's hideous nose don't care, why would anyone else?

Suspected location of Delhi. Courtesy our research team.

A polling booth in delhi; a stampede of voters eager to uphold the spirit of democracy.

K. Bedi another one of our so called National Heroes; mediocre hacks having risen to the top not due to their talent but due to a lack of competition, was seen on TV criticizing the people for not coming to vote and further adding that they didn't deserve the holiday. That the people don't care who comes to power shows the ludicrousness of available choice and the quality of the leaders who are contesting. Yes, you are right madam, the people don't need a holiday to ignore the political establishment in the country, they do that all year round. Our country prospers not because of you but in spite of you [I know, I know...cliched statement, but true nonetheless] because you can't even suck with any degree of competence.

Ms. Bedi lecturing on how you too can get your very own world famous kangaroo court reality show.


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