Friday, April 24, 2009

cough *morons* cough*cant breathe*cough

Now we all know Aakriti, what's that you say, you don't? Hmmm, it is probably because you don't watch the news because her story is all that the news channels these days talk about. politics, elections?? what elections????

So she was a 17 year old girl who died of an asthma attack, and now every tom dick and harry in Delhi is baying for the principal's head, because all of a sudden the sanctity of life and the criminal negligence of the school are everything that the self-righteous, we-wanna-pretend-to-be-Barkha-Dutt-for-the-duration-of-the-while-that-this-news-item-is-in-the-limelight people think about. These are the same people who will throw their parents into an old age home, overtake from the left, accept bribes at work, and ogle at the neighbor's daughter when they get home.

So, Anyway I know that the girl is dead there is no point in offering her any advise but perhaps someone else in a similar situation can derive the benefits from it:

Anyway, the funny part is that every one of these holier-than-thou protesters is secretly thinking "Thank god it wasn't me or my daughter, phew"

"Aww come on Karbage, it is only human nature" You say.
and I say: yes, precisely the point.

The girl's mom says that she wants the principal to resign if only for the other girls, what she really wants is revenge. There is nothing wrong with her wanting revenge, however masking it as concern for others is the mark of a beast.

And did you happen to watch her classmates? It was the perfect example of USI [Unwarranted Self Importance]: 17-18 year old north Indian chicks screaming their guts out mainly because, well let's face it, they CAN. Where were they when their friend was in trouble, did none of them have the presence of mind to call for an ambulance? or even call her parents? I would suggest the use of the following avant garde, new fangle invention of space technology:

I mean for someone to die of an asthma attack in the presence of other people, in the middle of a city in 2009 is like you dying due to massive blood loss from a pin prick in a blood bank. It is absurd, so you can imagine the incompetence of everyone involved including her so called friends.

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