Thursday, January 22, 2009


Everybody is talking about Slumdog Millionaire. Now I haven't seen the movie myself. Why ? because if everyone says good things about a movie, I tend to dislike it with a prejudice that can only be surpassed by the prejudice that is spawned out of jealousy.

Hell, the king of all douchebags Tom Cruise was talking about it. Now I definitely don't want to see it soon.

It might be a great movie for all I know, I will comment on it when and if I see it.

But what is pissing me off is the commotion that the movie is creating in the highly objective, unbiased, and totally mature Indian media [home to such award winning journalists as Barkha Dutt and with people whose spoken English is so good, it puts the BBC and the queen with their "RP" English to shame], and the local Indian film industry- an industry known for its ground breaking artiste-ry, cutting edge ideas, critical acclaim, and the richness of its subject matter. Oh wait! today ISN'T opposite adjectives day. Sorry 'bout that.

Anyway, I get confused when I turn on the TV these days.
Really confused.
Do these fucking morons actually think that it is a Bollywood movie?
Because it sure looks like they do.

You see, this movie could have been made in bollywood. The novel is by an Indian, it has an Indian cast, and some or most of it was shot India [I am guessing] BUT we didn't.

Why ?

Because our people are busy making such gems such as... I don't know, but you know what I am talking about; those big budget movies with gratuitous violence and sex with an 'acclaimed' star cast and no artistic merit or talent whatsoever?

it is like the time that Sunita Williams chick went to space, they thought that she was Indian and got all excited.

Typical 'acclaimed' actor in its natural state of douchebagness

And then we wonder: "vat yaa? why our movies never win awards yaa?"

I heard a news channel say that the closest we came to an Oscar for best picture was with 'Lagaan.' Are you freaking kidding me? did you see the movie which won that year?
No Man's Land.
Do I think lagaan had any chance? yeah, if it were opposite day, or if the world collectively lost its wits from a freak event leaving only the cast and crew of lagaan mentally fit enough to come to a decision, then maybe.

the slumdog's reaction upon being asked of Bollywood's chances at the Oscars.

The co-director loveleen tandan[ a totally normal name y'all] pictured below had this to say about Danny Boyle:

"David who ?" - loveleen on Boyle


Varun said...

i didn't watch it either.

JerryKantrell said...

good man, good to see that you didn't give in to the hype.

MM said...


I saw the movie 2 and half months ago, way before it was famous. I must say it's a great movie. It's a lot like cidade de deus, which is probably my all time favourite. You really should watch it. The problem is it's been pulp fictionized (i.e., pulp fiction was a great movie, but then every douchebag on the planet loved it even though they had no idea what it was about).

In conclusion it isn't hype, it's a very good film, but is a victim of it's own fame


JerryKantrell said...

hey man, how have you been ?
Love cidade de deus, one of those films that makes you wish you 'lived' in the movie.

How is Boston treating you ?

Slippery Reflections said...

you'r being dragged along. no choice you have. full stop.