Friday, October 10, 2008

Re-# 2

Here is another one from June 27th 2006, written at a time when I still worked in software. Those of you from IT companies might have seen something similar. Or not.

Here is a recent dialogue that took place between me and my Module leader. Illustrating why I hate my job!

Also given, is how the conversation would have gone in case we were to really speak what was on our minds!.

A little introduction of my module lead, She is married and since I have addressed her as 'she', is clearly female. I think, although her mustache seems to make her look very manly.


On a monday morning (morning for me being 1 PM)

Her:Did I not tell you to come and tell me what you have done every morning ?

Me:Yes, but I told you what I had done before leaving yesterday evening.

Her:All that I don't know[sic]! I told you something and you should have done it.

Me:What is the use ? I haven't done anything since yesterday as I went home after my

Her:Don't talk to me like that!

Me:Huh? (A bit confused at this non-sequitur)

Her:How many times do I have to tell you?

Me:err... Ok, I am sorry. Do you want me to send you a mail everyday before I leave home ?

Her:How dare you talk like that ? You can't talk to me like that.

Me:What? all I asked was whether I should send you a mail.


A little later when tempers[esp. hers] have cooled down a bit (I hope)

Me:Why did you get angry that time when I asked whether I should send you a mail ?

Her:I don't remember. Forget it.

Me:Its probably because you and I attribute different levels of priority for work.

Her:(no reply yet.)

And now the frank, in your face version.

Her:Why don't you listen to me ?

Me:Why should I

Her:I want you to do this needless work, so that I can get back at you for not doing anything right.

Me:I don't wanna. yesterday-today what's the difference?

Her:Don't give me that condescending look!

Me:Ok can I send you a mail and avoid having to talk to you ?

Her:Fat Chance, I wouldn't miss this opportunity to watch you suffer !


A little later

Me:You a sadist or something ?

Her:[no reply, she is trying to avoid a confrontation]

Me:Its because you are a loser and your whole world revolves around coding,
whereas I have a life and find wasting my valuable time doing someone else's work an inexcusable crime.

Her:what the hell are you babbling about, I love this company, the best company in the world this is! and hence I am gonna make life miserable for you now.

And...she did.
Most of you might think I have been too harsh on judging her. trust me I have not.


She is a monster.And no, this is not made up.


Suprih and Isti said...
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Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

I remember reading this before. :) And do re-publish that post in which you were smoking in some shop and a lady asked you to douse your cigarette or something like that!

JerryKantrell said...

yeah sure nithin, Will do so.

Ritesh Ranjan said...

I can make out who you are talking about......and the best company in this world? hehe.....good joke man....BTW there were other items who used to bring sweets bcoz their code got deployed.....hehe...achcha yad dilaya yar..

JerryKantrell said...

hehe yeah man, I seriously used to find it funny that they deemed a successful deployment of the code as an occasion worthy of sweet distribution. how is the economic climate there man ?
is it as bad as I see on the news and on the net ?

wb said...

LOL this situation is very similar to what im facing nowadays :D. during last year i had a few of similar conversation which ended up with my quit.:D even the problem with the mail part fits. instead of a she, it was a he, a sadist one with a penis. anyway i forgive him.

Ritesh Ranjan said...

Everyone is nervous here man....I'll froward u a mail from Amex' CEO....No signs of recovery....Not sure if situation is as bad or people are too frightened...Save thy job is the mantra at the moment here...

JerryKantrell said...

@wb hehe, like you lived through an alternate version of events where the sexes were reversed. And welcome back.

@ritesh: yeah man, every one I meet is saying that, even ravi too was of a similar opinion.