Saturday, October 25, 2008

ex-poll #2

So you all know that I do not want to get married just for the sake of getting married. Getting married just because 'everyone else is' or just because 'that is what people do', are stupid reasons to take the leap [into certain devastation might I add].

Now, if one were to happen to meet someone so special that he or she says 'oh here is someone that I want to live with forever and someone that I know for sure I will not tire of even though human nature is fickle and predicting the future is not exactly an exact science', then fine go ahead, gt married by all means because in this particular case you are stupid if you don't. But... Wandering about like Quixote searching for someone 'special' to marry and 'live happily ever after' is in my honest opinion; retarded and best left to normal folk.

My parents on the other hand are normal folk. Duh!
Anyway, whenever the discussion of marriage would come up, I would say 'me ? I ain't gettin married ' or something to that effect. And they would laugh it out, thinking I was kidding, and often saying that people who say so often marry early.

But the other day it so happened that they understood that I was NOT kidding and that I was serious when I said that I couldn't share my life with someone else. Awkward silence during lunch when the topic came up. And then my dad [obviously furious] asks me in as serious a voice as possible asks me 'why you want to do something else ?.' or in other words 'Are you gay ?'

To which I gave my most emphatic 'NO' ever.
[for the record; not gay, but supportive] (courtesy demetri martin)

From there, the conversation rapidly degenerated to an all out squabble with yours truly being accused of harboring way too radical thoughts and being too westernized.

Am I radical in my thinking?


ashwinxn said...

Indian parents raise their kids to be "suitable boys/girls".

I don't think the Indian baby boomer generation will look at nuptials the way you see it.

I wonder how dinner would have gone had you come clean about your obvious homosexuality.:)

JerryKantrell said...

what ?
did I miss a meeting ?

Anonymous said...

u sld b radical in Action !! .. :-)

JerryKantrell said...

hehe, yeah, I will go start a revolution tomorrow, one that is worth dancing in :)