Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mixed-up CD ?

Here it is.

MixCD #3

My second mixcd suffered due to the fact that it introduced no new music, something I have tried rectifying here.


It starts off with a beautiful little song by Don Caballero, the song has a sort of syncopated groove, and it feels sort of like falling through a swirly, squiggly vortex; confusing you. And after that has sufficiently disoriented you, comes a song from god is an astronaut, a standard piece, well loved and technically conservative, its like a red herring lulling you into a false sense of security; the worst is over! phew, you sigh as you wipe the sweat off your pimply forehead.

And just to make sure that you fall for the trick hook, line and sinker, comes along this beauty of a song called 'Traces' by Enchant, an under appreciated gem of a band, the song will seek to show you the power of a good voice, incidentally, this is the only song in the CD that has vocals in it. This sleight of hand nay this Kansas city shuffle (yeah, I loved that movie) will prove that all your troubles are behind. Then comes a selection from Tchaikovsky's Swan lake, the part that sounds good in isolation, and you think to yourself: maybe I was being paranoid ?

But then... Pat Metheny swooshes in with his crazy little song that looks like jazz, acts progressive, and is dressed like an Indian. Have you perchance accidentally; wandered into the french quarter ? or taken a dose of LSD ?

So now you are all messed up, the finale! what might be in store you try and imagine. The last song on the list for tonight is 'How to smoke roses' the name is pretentious enough, but once it starts, I guarantee that you will swept away in the smoke of those burning roses, metaphorical might they be, kill me why don't you ? you seem to ask, for is this real ? this what this song does to me :) I hope you love it too.

okay, okay, so I was trying to be douchy and pretentious there, and also I was trying to write like these reviewers that I see writing on the web, but most of all I was trying to write like someone else.

Did it work ?


1. Fire Back About Your New Baby's Sex - Don Caballero.
2. From Dust To The Beyond - God Is An Astronaut.
3. Traces - Enchant.
4. Swan lake - Pyotr llyich Tchaikovsky.
5. Into The Dream - Pat Metheny Group.
6. How To Smoke Roses - Cloud Archive.

[There were supposed to be 2 more songs, Al Hambra by Antonio Forcione, which I left out because I had the .wma version, and Samus by Irepress which I left out because I forgot to include it in the folder while zipping it.]


Slippery Reflections said...

yes the pretentiousness worked indeed. tres amusant!

JerryKantrell said...

what about the writing like someone else bit ?

Slippery Reflections said...

erm... no. it just sounds like you releasing loads of pent up energy.

JerryKantrell said...

wasted effort.
damn you fate!

Varun said...

thanks man, i just downloaded it. my big shit is on saturday. i will call you after that.

JerryKantrell said...

No problem man.