Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rant in 'screw this country'

Okay, Now I have had it and am outraged!

I have tried to be politically Correct, and have tried not to be quick to generalize things, but the Delhi blasts which took place today afternoon, have made me change my mind. I am going to break the rule that I generally follow, and it is in seething rage that I write the following lines:

I sincerely believe that organized religion is for suckers, I really do, but the people who follow a religion that condones killing innocent people in its name are seriously retarded and dare I say primitive in their thinking. They say Islam is a religion of peace, Fuck that, I am not so sure anymore. This steady onslaught of terrorist attacks the world over, is constantly attacking my thought process which calls for an unbiased view, and seems to be knocking some sense into my head, making me realize that perhaps; all religions are not equally bad, and that said religion is actually violent.

I pity and loathe the Indian Govt. and the political system in place in our country; possibly the biggest failures that our country has seen. How many more serial bomb blasts do they need to finally wake up and do something about the laughably primitive security arrangements and the absolute incompetence that our ironically named "intelligence" agencies consistently keep showing ?

Our nation's prompt knee jerk reaction to 'condemn' the act and dole out superficial compensation to the victims and their kins is just NOT enough.

To Illustrate: The President of the country prathiba patil condemned the blasts and condoled the loss of lives in the "mindless act of violence". Oh really madam president ? we seriously did not know, thanks for enlightening us and reminding us that the bomb blasts are actually a bad thing, sheesh! what were we thinking all along ?

All these factors, today, led me to state clearly and in unequivocal terms that I, karbage, am ashamed to be a citizen of this country, and that in my view, our country is a total and absolute failure.


I saw a program recently where they said that the PM is one of the most educated people in our country and that the view of his being a soft almost wimpy PM is unfounded. To the fat bitch who said that: SCREW YOU! I think the man lost his cojones a long time back, no wonder he sounds like a tranny.

In fact, I think I should be grateful to the people who orchestrated this attack, for they have truly exposed India's pathetic incoherence, and its need to shape up, or be shot out of existence.

Oh also, I leave for Jharkhand next week, and will be back only after a week or so.


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