Wednesday, July 02, 2008

viva la musica

Disclaimer: Most of the links given are ED articles, NSFW and will in all probability piss you off, but if you can handle the blatant racism, sexism, and other -isms, you'll have a ball reading it.

A few years ago, my dad asked me and my sister what our hobbies were. I spoke about my love for music among other things. After which my sister proceeds to cite the same hobbies as her's too.

This is not a surprising thing, but when you consider that she listens to mostly generic Hindi Pop music and crappy Hip-Hop, SEE! right there, I am sure that some of you can see the problem with the situation ;P

Now, there was nothing I could have done to convince anyone otherwise because both the genres are generally considered music by the majority, and also by definition, although there is a school of thought that feels that music cannot be defined and that genres like crap Rap are not real 'music' but that is a topic for another day.

Now, I am not claiming to be a connoisseur of music nor am I the Roger Ebert of Music but with lyrics that would make Fergie sound like Pink Floyd, Hindi music is truly an abomination.

Consider these translations of rather fine and popular Hindi songs from the 80\90s, I could have given newer examples but I don't listen to that stuff anymore:

'You are my nightingale while I am your parrot'

'You are a very awesome object'

'Hamma Hamma Hamma Hamma Hamma hey! Hamma'

as you can see, the lyrics are quite deep and meaningful.

What I want to say is that a good taste in music is something you have to 'work' for, just listening to the mass commercial crap that is heard eveywhere is taking it the easy way, and it leaves you with favorite 'artists' such as the talented Britney Spears, or Soulja boy on your profile.


Divya said...

lol soulja boy! they overplay it on radio1 hear!

although i do think most of the indian moosics is horrid, i also think it's unfair to translate cause the meaning changes ever so slightly and makes you feel weirdly uneasy. i still listen to an occasional song from the 80s/90s, mostly mallu/tamil though :D

p.s. it's not that crap! :D
p.p.s. i concur with the hip hop and rap opinion!

JerryKantrell said...

Fair enough!
yeah, I am biased against crappy music :D

Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

"You are a vert awesome object!" - Translations are funny sometimes. :)

Wanted to buy a processor man. Thought of KORG AX3000G or AX1500G. What do you recommend?

JerryKantrell said...

AX300G man! that is the way to go

Nithin "Kitta" Shenoy said...

Ha Ha. Costs 18k plus in India I think. Any idea how much it costs in the US?

JerryKantrell said...

a little less than $200
Sunil has one.