Monday, June 02, 2008

Gokarna 2

Contd from earlier (but cut short)

Yeohan was a bald headed Israeli, and accompanying him was a bald headed Indian dude who never spoke. I was suspicious of the whole arrangement, their story was that they had met in Bombay and the Indian dude had agreed to come along with him.

Even through the fog of obfuscation that results from being high on some killer weed and the fog of smoke that usually accompanies such a high, I could see that these guys weren't just 'friends'

[As explained earlier I am cutting the story short]

So basically we had a god time talking with them, Yeohan had finished his compulsory draft and had come to India to relax, and because I know Arabic, this led to some interesting conversation.

On the second morning, I found both of the bald dudes making out, and that is when I found out that the Indian guy was basically a rent boy. of course I never told this to anyone, not even Bhushan.

What I want to say is that interesting things happen if you let yourself do silly things once in a while, so go, do something stupid, have fun.


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