Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Bloke

Contrary to what I may say, and to how I usually behave in public, I actually like girls, although this affection is seldom returned. Remember when I said that I am evaluating how my life suddenly changed ? Well, I have the answer.

I was happy earlier because I was in denial, and circumstances had made me realize this, hence my metamorphosis into a whiny little cry-baby. I have now realized the folly of my ways and plan on changing them.

I start with killing the last remnants of hope I had left for good. I heard a story which is, in all probability; apocryphal, regarding Beethoven, whose middle period of work is considered his best because that is when he realized that his life-long dream would never come true.

I have said this before, only this time, I mean it. I am going to change the structure of this blog, no more whining, no more trivial nonsense. This is going to take its toll on the readership of this blog which sadly, even at its height, never crossed into the double digit mark.

I hope you guys know the story of 'new coke' if not go ahead and read the wiki article, you'll know why I mention it here.

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