Friday, April 11, 2008

Wind of change.

So you (all) finally got bored.
I know, its hard, you can only be polite for so long, after which, you just don't care anymore.

So here is the deal, I won't blog till May, I am supposed to be studying, but I'm gonna chill out, kick back and watch a whole bunch of movies, until the Fcuking GMAT is done, after which, I shall start blogging about things; things, which will be unlike what I have blogged about till now.

In short, I will probably get back to writing about 'Existential Dread', the lack of the textbook sort of 'love' in my life, and other boring things, and I will understand any change in the readership of this blog.

See you guys later :)
see you all later.

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