Thursday, April 03, 2008

Rambling on and on and on and...


1) The following post has frank discussions on topics, that MAY be deemed to be of a sexual nature, those offended by such matter, may kindly refrain, (personally I think you should go see a shrink, or read more books.)
2) It may also, veer wildly off-course, chasing ephemeral tangents in an apparent contempt of your valuable time.

When I was younger, I always thought that everything was wrong with me, I was very a weak kid, the only thing in my favor was my height, in short(not really ;P), I was a; sickly looking, too tall for his age, and clumsy, little kid. So, obviously my eyes weren't too great either, I have Myopia and Astigmatism, which means I can't see shit without my glasses(not that I'd want to anyway).

See, this is the funny part of slang, if you take it literally, it makes for interesting conversation. Say, you have sex with someone, and it didn't turn out to be all that great, so then when you say to your best friend(after a few beers and maybe some weed);

'She was fucking terrible, man' (ahem, heterosexual male here, hence the 'She' as opposed to a 'He')

If not for the fact that this is accepted slang, would you not be breaking the rules of standard English grammar ? for we would need an adverb and not an adjective here. Picture this;

'She fucks terribly, man'

Which is more accurate, but sadly, lacks the punch and is quite crude, actually.

"Pray what are you rambling about ? stop beating around the bush and get to the point!" do I hear thee scream ?

Well, ok.


picture courtesy Wikipedia, Here is the article
So I have this condition called Visual snow, and I see exactly as shown in the picture on the left, including the 'Mouches' and the snow, and I thought that I was the only one, Sunil and I had discussed about this a while ago, we were of the opinion that these were impurities either on the lens or elsewhere, apparently we were wrong.The more amusing of the two, is the Mouche, which behaves and looks surprisingly like what you would expect bacteria to look like, If suspended in a liquid medium, complete with the inertia effect which allows you to play a little game with it. :D Freaky!

So, I would like to ask whether anyone else(Which means the three of you who read this blog) sees this ?

See! I didn't digress too much, did I ?
And, they said that I couldn't get to the point quickly enough. Feh!

Listening to 'Soft Shoulders' - No-Man

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