Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Feels good to be back in Hyderabad after 3 days in Bangalore, the weather has drastically changed in the short time that I wasn't here. It is hot during the day but it gets cooler as the sun sets, giving up its reign. I find something sinister about this kind of weather, I do not know why.

The Concert:

The concert was, if I can be excused for this attack of 'harebrained-ness', Kick Ass! for adjectives fail me right now. [or am I just covering up my general stupidity ?]

The best part was that we were able to smuggle some contraband inside, the mild psychedelic euphoria, it induced in us, not contributing towards dulling the experience one bit. The lightning\thunder which foretold of an atmosphere, and mood right out of a fan's nostalgic fable clearly impressed this highly intoxicated(at that time)and hence disoriented, author. The rain when it started, was perfect.

The first few notes to 'A tout le monde' and the crowd is unable to control itself, most of them are high, (including me). Mustaine starts singing the fist line and the crowd is louder than he is. He quickly turns the mic our way, while he works the strings.

The journey back home is crazy, I meet so many juniors from my college who come over and say 'hi', while I have forgotten their names. I feel like a dope.

Sample this:

'Hey man'
'It's me *******.'
'Umm Hi'
'You DO remember me right ?'

So to all of them(though I know that none of 'em reads this), I tender my sincerest apologies.

I was stoned, my bad.

We finally got home, I think.


Listening to 'My Gift of Silence' - Blackfield


Ravi said...

good that u had fun ;)

JerryKantrell said...

Hey man,
How are you ?
Are you somewhere in Mass. now ?
I had a lot of fun, don't remember most of my time there :P

JerryKantrell said...

I put up a new profile pic.

Anonymous said...

yup am in Mass ....Westborough close to Boston