Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Guitar Quack.

I have been busy.
And, apparently no one comes here anymore.
I just fixed my strat. It had a fret-muted A string.
So here is what I have learned. If your neck is bent, and your guitar is less than half a century old(a bit exaggerated) then it IS SAFE to turn the truss rod. I was one of those people who is terrified at the thought of meddling around with an instrument as delicate and as beautiful as the guitar, but it is really, very simple.


Guitar Tech. Advice

Here is my assurance:
Do not worry, your neck won't snap in two while you adjust it.
However, remember these tips:

1) Do NOT turn the truss rod more than 1\4 or 1\6 of a turn (of the truss rod) at a time, because that is all you will need.

2) Allow a while afterwards for the neck to settle in. You do not want to overcompensate.

3) Remember buzzing open strings means that you need to loosen the truss rod.

4) If the action is too high, tighten the rod.

5) If the Truss-rod is too hard to tighten, use WD-40, that thing will work on anything and 'loosen' anything up.

6) If your guitar is screwed, bring it to me, I will screw it even further miraculously fix it with the power of my Love(my love for any and all guitars, that is)!

7) Oh and yeah, don't try this with Indian Guitars (esp. 'Givsun' or the like), they usually have non-functional Truss rods which at worst MIGHT actually snap your neck.

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