Monday, February 11, 2008

Mockery Serum.

I find it appalling that in our country, they subject almost all major criminals to the 'Narco-analysis' test or something like that, in order to gather information, that the law itself should have found out through real investigation. The reason they do this is because the Police, and the law makers here are incompetent morons, they couldn't catch a freaking COLD if they wanted to. It is joke, a real sad joke, and worse, it is a mockery of people's rights.


Why don't they start using astrology, hiring psychics, and divining too ? since they too are as valid and\or proven.


Constable: Sir Sir!, we have some new info from the terrorist who is undergoing the narco test.

Big shot cop: Hmmm... good, tell me what is this new info.

Constable: well, he has revealed to us that he attended a training camp which is in an underground bunker under the Taj Mahal. They are being taught terror tactics by Giant Killer Squirrels who pledge allegiance to martian monsters.

Big shot cop: Oh my god, thank goodness for the narco test. What would we do without it ?

slightly Intelligent bystander: Umm... sir ? maybe the 'subject' is just high ? don't you think that could be a possibility ?

Big shot cop: Nonsense, the truth serum is never wrong. If he says killer squirrels, they must be real, who would make something like that up ?

slightly Intelligent bystander: Someone who is tripping on 'truth serum' maybe ?


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