Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DIY arrogance.

How to turn your boring photos into something that you would actually want to look at.

Step 1: Choose a good subject, or not. Here is a particularly boring snap. I took it today, after it rained for a while, the sun had come out and it was really beautiful, however the camera killed it all, with its poor rendering of natural colors and light levels.

Step 2: Use a good HDR rendering software and get the HDR version of the snap, tweak around with the parameters, here is the snap with the default settings:

Step 3: Add a personal touch, change the parameters, see what you like, for example, I changed the 'Temperature' parameter and this is what I got:

Step 4: Export the snap to PhotoShop, the Philosopher's stone of Photography, try out different tchniques such as cross-processing, or try giving it a Provia look by adjusting the 'levels'. I don't know, just go crazy.

Here, is the same snap with a hint of cross-processing:

Final Step: Give it a snazzy, metaphorical, Vague and hence 'intelligent' name to show how much of an 'Artist' you really are, by the way, if the name doesn't make sense,it is all the better, you can pretend to be a misunderstood genius. And, Voila! you have a great snap... Or not.

I have decided to call the final snap 'Nicotine Dusk'


Listening to 'Rain When I Die' - AiC

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