Saturday, February 09, 2008

bah! humbug, who the hell needs scales anyway ?

Q) What happens when; You take a great guitar (Jackson RR3) and a great Amp (Hartke G10), give it to a crazy, slightly drunk guitarist who knows absolutely no scales, apparently due to his utter disdain for custom and tradition and all other things considered to be redundant and\or stupid in his view, (a view which can only be viewed as a sort of deluded and bastardized solipsism) and use a good camera with bad speakers and bad lighting to record the ensuing brouhaha\melee\pandemonium\ruckus call it what you want ?


A) This:

Go ahead click on it, watch it. It won't bite you.

Kerry King would be proud ;D

And to end the day, a PJ

Q) Would you like to see an oxymoron ?


Listening to 'the crap I just played' - by Your's truly.

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