Sunday, January 20, 2008

Musical Zarathustra

Ever heard of the musician who who got marooned on an island inhabited by people with no ears ?

He hung up his fiddle and took up cobbling.

I see no inspiration, I hear the term 'Sour Grapes' which I totally ignore.
I see no hope.
Now I am become evil, the corrupter and the corrupted.

I am selling out. Yes, I have finally decided to write the GMAT, in a while. Now, some of my friends already knew this, but I was just kidding till now. Now I mean business.

So tomorrow begins my GMAT 'prep'
I hate this shit. But it must be done.

I finally woke up and faced the fact that in India, a degree and a good paying job are the only factors that people look at. A BE from a decent college ain't enough Dorothy.

It doesn't matter that your IQ is a cool 148 (WAIS-III)
It doesn't matter that you can read and write 6 languages and can speak more.
It doesn't matter that you quit your job and now do community service for free.

You need to have a job. Otherwise you are a loser. As simple as that. Learn to live with it.

I am a loser =(

Listening to Not my kind of girl - Zero


Gutterflower said...

Nononono. You don't need a degree to be happy.
Job; enough to keep you alive and comfortable.

Varun said...

thats odd :), i am doing my PhD and i feel like a loser too, LOL!

LAYNE said...
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Saturday Night Takeout said...

Epicurean is oddly soothing to soul, very satisfying. That's why I feel blessed with the job; I like the work, and the money's great for schwag.

HelterSkelter said...

@Saturdaynighttakeout come to India, I am going to strangle you, you are supposed to say things like 'the job ain't everything' and shit like that.

I wonder why my previous comment got named 'Layne'

HelterSkelter said...

@gutterflower I don't need another degree to be happy, but I need another one to get a 'respectable' job (One which pays more money, that being the definition in India)

@varun yeah I know, we are the same you know ? You and I.