Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A flurry of emotional sighs.

I sit on the grass
Hyderabad's Necklace Road.
For some it is the place to be!
For me it is the saddest place in the city.
"I feel pity, but not for me."
A little conceited, is that statement.
I have no authority, yet that does not make the fact,
which that statement betrays, any less true.
I see the traffic passing briskly over the road.
The passengers think they are happy. The drivers are positively bored.
The girls are dressed in their best outfits
The slutty ones show a bit of cleavage.
I like this half of the dichotomy.
Pretty, real pretty women taunt you with their beauty.
Like the proverbial grapes, suspended just a bit out of reach.
One of them looks at me.
She is on the back of a bike.
I assume that she can't see well in the dark and hence found me interesting.
Pretty soon she is gone.
I curse my luck, and get back to observing.
The little families, they sit on the grass too.
But they sit a distance away from me.
They act as though I am an untouchable.
A bachelor! A vile monster. Until...
he gets married to a girl his parents have chosen, and has 2 kids of his own,
The little families, they sit on the grass too.
The husband and the wife next to each other, though not really.
The bored husbands stare at the young girls,
while the bored wives stare at the boys on their bikes.
Their children stuck in the middle of all this,
thinking that the parents can never do any wrong.
They have a long way to go home.
I see a hooker pass by. she stares at me.
I realize that she means business, She has way too much makeup on.
She is definitely at the end of her livelihood.
Mixed emotions in her eyes.
I look away. I see from the corner of my eyes,
she starts smiling. She hides her despair.
I see the many people living their lives.
I see two young couples pass by. They are in college.
the couples are awkward. They might be afraid of being seen.
A feeble attempt at breaking the shackles. A wasted glimmer of hope.
Ugly man and beautiful woman.
Ugly woman and handsome man.
That is one heck of a combination. How the hell did that happen I wonder ?
All this unspoken human misery gets a bit too much for me. I get nauseous.
I run back into my car.
I shall brave the mosquitoes
I start playing Mad Season's 'Above'
Layne Staley's voice makes it easier for me to handle the mosquitos.
I higher the car windows
I sing scream along to 'Wake up'
I am happy for a while.

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