Sunday, January 27, 2008

Famke goes to the blogosphere.

This post of mine is actually quite useless.
If you really wanted to learn, you would probably go to a real site. but hey!, it is a free world.
I am just putting it up here because, after people have been seeing my video, they have been asking me things like:

'Hey ! You have a RR3 right ? Do you actually play the guitar or did you buy it simply because you thought it looked cool!'

'Since how many HOURS have you been playing the guitar ? '


So here are 2 new chords that you can use to 'spice' up your compositions.

1) The add 9 chord.

You know the ubiquitous power chord written like : A5
which I am holding in this snap:

You can add a ninth to the root and the fifth, with your little finger, which will be a B in our case, as shown here:

Added a B on the D string with the 'pinkie'. This is really an ASus2 chord.

Ever heard the Intro for Joe Satriani's 'Secret Prayer' ? well, they are added ninth chords

2) The 'Voicings':

This is not the actual name of this group of chords, but it is easier than remembering the actual names. I shall show you why later.

Here is the simple F# (major) barred chord.

Now, to turn it into a voicing, just remove the 'barring' index finger, so that you end up with 3 open strings as shown:

As you can see, the index finger is lifted up. This is a F#m7Sus4 chord, you see what I mean ? hence we just call them 'voicings'
This gives a whole new flavor to the sound, also the presence of 3 open strings means that the chord will ring out more and will sound 'richer'. This helps on guitars with old\hard strings.

Ever heard Alice n chains ? they use these 'voicings' in many of their songs, including 'Rooster', 'No Excuses', 'Heaven beside you' etc...
Have fun.

Equipment used - Jackson RR3, SONY DSC H-5, and my fingers.

Listenin to Fantaisie impromptu - Chopin


Saturday Night Takeout said...

Damn, I was planning on having a post on alt chords myself, you beat me to it. I think I'll still write it though; that's a nice idea of using photos to show them, I would have just used x-x-x-x-x-x notation.

Also, nggghhh you're playing acoustic chords on the RR3 :P

JerryKantrell said...

Correction. your comment should have read:
'Also, nggghhh you're playing chords on the RR3 :P'

I am down with the flu man
feel like hell.