Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Alice In Chains

I just realized that my blog is about a year and a half old. One of my first posts, written at a time when I used to be perpetually stoned, mentions Alice in Chains, albeit in passing.

I know I am not too keen on people who idolize 'stars' but I cannot refute the fact that this is the band which has had the single most significant impact on my musical style. Their super catchy guitar riffs don't leave your head once they establish themselves in there. Their only drawback being the fact that they take a while to start 'sounding' as beautiful as they are.

Another aspect of AiC's that I love is the harmonizing of their vocals. Jerry Cantrell, with his soft, almost feminine voice is a perfect 'antithesis' to layne Staley's haunting, character ridden voice. The way, he can sound like he is screaming at the top of his voice with all the Angst in the world, and yet be at a normal volume, never lets his voice grow boring.

So when they sing together, they fill out the whole spectrum so as to speak, creating a sound, I have not, since, seen anyone else do well.
It is funny, while reading for my 12th boards or CET, I remember reading his death in the paper. I hadn't heard their songs then, just their name was thrown about a bit. 'Hmm' I thought, 'there goes another one, stupid moron', boy was I a naive little cunt back then.

Coupled with dark, depressing lyrics, they were the best.

I know most people wouldn't have read till here, if you did, good for you, you have a better attention span than me.

Audio. If you don't like it at first, don't worry, it is the case with most people. You've gotta get used to them.

Here are the lyrics to Rain When I Die:

Is she ready to know my frustration?
What she slippin inside, slow castration
Im a riddle so strong, you cant break me
Did she come here to try, try to take me
And then she called my name
I think its gonna rain
When I die

Was it something I said, held against me?
Aint no life on the run, slowly climbing
Caught in ice so she stares, stares at nothing
I can help her but wont, now she hates me

She wont let me hide
She dont want me to cry

Will she keep on the ground, trying to ground me
Slowly forgive my lie, lying to save me
Could she love me again, or will she hate me
Probly not, I know why, cant explain me

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