Monday, December 10, 2007

Artistic Hell

Imagine you could travel to the farthest corner of the universe, a place forbidden solely by the virtue of its distance, not by anything else.

Imagine seeing the hypnotic magnificence of the delicate scattering of matter. A symphony which the eye can enjoy, A symphony only a sentient being can enjoy.

Imagine the thoughts in your head, of yesterday, those pleasant thoughts of a simpler time, spent in idyllic splendor, Oh! how they haunt you now.

Imagine hearing the voices of your loved ones, the ones you let down, the ones who let you down, you might never hear them again, and weirdly you feel nothing but contempt.

Imagine being scared because you still don't know any answers to life's big questions, you search for the 'creator' and all you see is an omnipresent darkness.

Imagine the isolation one would feel, might it be a good cause for a complete catharsis of your thoughts, leaving you be, as the 'everyman' ?

Imagine your fear at the lack of serenity at an apparently transcendental experience, and the horror at the sudden realization that this is all there is.



listening to japanese spy transcript by maybeshewill

To all non-smokers: You are going to die too, just like us smokers
- Slightly altered version of Bill Hicks' line

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