Friday, October 19, 2007

A practical guide to recognizing: MajorNerdi Indicus

A Nerd - Is in short a social disaster.

How do you recognize If you are one ? Here is a list for easy reference.
(This is a list intended for recognizing the Indian Nerd, some of the points do apply to nerds universally however most of them are for MajorNerdoni Indicus also known as the Uncommon Indian Nerd)

1)You don't have a social life

2)You spend your time photoshopping snaps into that oh so cool cross-processed look or that oh so cool comic look. Click here for some Photoshop Actions to do it for you: Xpro(1) , Comic Effect(2)

3) You spend your time accessorizing your blog, editing Wikipedia articles, reading Umberto Eco, Kant etc,

4) You know what terms like classical unities, Iambic pentameter, Gouache etc mean.(and you are a freaking Mechanical Engineer)

5) You have a favorite tea in a country where almost everyone drinks Chai exclusively. I love Earl Grey.

6) You never use the HTML shortcuts anywhere.

7) You annoy Friends\Relatives\Mom by repeatedly reciting lines from your favorite poem, or that monologue from V for Vendetta which you have diligently memorized.

8) You don't mind revealing that you are one, and in fact take a little pride.

9) You waste time coming up with lists when you should be studying.

10) You have a feminine name for all your guitars. I am going to call my new RR3: Famke

11) You obviously can't get a girlfriend with all of this ^


12) As a consequence of point #10 you do, though rarely, get asked the question: "Are you gay ?" To which you vehemently protest and state an emphatic "NO. I am straight but alas I've got no date!"

PS Actions taken from :

Have a look at the sites, they are pretty neat :)


Varun said...

i dont match many of these criteria, i am not a nerd, i'm a loser :'(

No to the red fonts, use that orange color on the top of your header banner.

HelterSkelter said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, You are doing your PhD, that is more than what most people do :)

Yes sir I will change the font color for you ;P