Thursday, October 25, 2007


I am off ye olde and faithful friend. Off on my pilgrimage, although it is more of 'an exile', and not, as is very often the case, self-imposed and in any case I would not call this the end, it is just the beginning of a transition,a much needed catharsis that one must, no doubt, pass through at some stage of life. One from which I hope to emerge none the worse, Pardon me if my language is unconventional, I take the liberty of assuming that those who know me would expect nothing better. So anyway here it is: my last post for a while. Thanks for visiting and I hope you will grace this blog with your presence when I resume my efforts at de-sensitizing the world.

Another list for the RC-impaired.
What is RC ?: Reading Comprehension.

10 most annoying people\bitches in India nowadays:

1) Mr.M Singh the Prime I mean minister of India. For selling out his ideals for the sake of hanging on to his post, thus proving to be (in my view) our weakest PM ever. Reminds me of the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz.

2) MS.Dhoni our cricketing 'god', for thinking that winning a single tournament, which no other team took seriously, logically meant that his team and he were unbeatable and for trying to beat the australians at their own game of sledging. Reminds me of Xerxes

3) The left party members, for bullying the government into abandoning a deal, which might possibly have brought power to this otherwise power starved nation, thereby reducing power costs, pollution, and hence benefiting the common\rich man alike, for the sole reason that it is with the US of A their old ideological enemy. Reminds me of Don Quixote.

4) SRK and his little posse of followers or as is more appropriately termed in hindi: Chamchas, for exploiting the same demographic, with the same insane, mind-numbingly dumb bullshit that they call "family entertainment" over and over again, and thus dumbing down the population even further.

5) miss Ekta Kapoor for making 'K' the most despised alphabet, and for making all women fit into shallow caricatures who are either sickeningly evil or mind numbingly "nice"

6) miss Rakhi Sawant for her unbearable voice, which I would surmise is how a banshee might sound and for beating the nearest competitor for 'biggest skank\douche in the universe ' by miles.

7) Every Indian who writes "this" as "dis", "is" as "iz", "that" as "dat", "Why" as "Y" and so on along with random Caps. So a sentence such as "This is why I don't like that" comes out as "DiS Iz Y I Dnt LyK DAt" how can anyone call this English or read it ?

8) The Indian media for not reporting any real news, and branding stuff such as "Haunted house investigated in delhi" or "India loses another wicket" as "Breaking News"

9) Chetan Bhagat, for being a student of one of the IITs and yet writing books meant for retarded monkeys\morons. And all those Indians who bought hs books and made them hit the best sellers list.

10) Myself, for making up such an annoying list just for the sake of putting up something.

See you all in a while :)

Ave Inepte!


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